Our Business

Automotive Aftermarket / Industrial Products

Since 1909, quality Permatex products have been used in workshops, garages, service stations around the world. All Permetex Automotive Aftermarket & Industrial Products are manufactured & packaged in Ohio, USA.

Permatex products are specified by major Automotive companies and used in their own service centers.

Automotive Chemicals

NOS Automotive Chemicals from Permatex achieve notable performance gains through the use of unique chemical blends and race proven technology. NOS Automotive Chemicals employ proprietary chemicals to enhance performance, and engine life. NOS chemistries will boots octane, clean components, and optimize engine efficiency. It is this commitment to quality, proven effectiveness, and performance history that have made NOS a name that is synonymous with performance. 

Automotive Engines Booster

Max Power filters are specially designed for diesel engines while the power Booster are for petrol engines. Accredited The 30th Geneve International High-Tech Invention Silver Medal Award, features better smoke emission, quieter operation, more power and better fuel economy.

Automotive Filters
Implement high standard of quality control over all products sold with consistent product checks and reviews of customer feedback. All raw materials and components undergo a comprehensive Quality Test to ensure high performance and to achieve a standard of tight defect tolerance. 

Automotive Fluid / Oil Treatment
Work to protect and lubricate an assortment of automotive parts and components. Our automotive fluid products are formulated and tested to deliver optimum result for specific maintenance.

Automotive Parts & Accessories

Our wiper blades provides longer life and smoother wipe, available in a variety of configurations and finishes from 10" to 28", with adaptors to permit easy installation onto competitive wiper arms.

Our other products include fine quality filter wrench opener to solve your removal problem. You will find no more busted knuckles, no more torn oil filters.